Masterworks 2

Winds of change

November 23rd, 2019, 7:30 pm

Vlad Vizireanu, Conductor

Mozart:   Serenade No. 12 in C minor

Rozman:      “Phoenix” for Flute and Orchestra

Melissa White, violin

Brahms:      Violin Concerto No. 4 in D,   K. 218

“Winds of change”

As with our first Masterworks concert, this performance will spotlight the many talents of our musicians. “Winds of Change” begins with Mozart’s Serenade No. 12 in C minor (“Nacht Musique”), a piece performed entirely by our woodwind section. This Classical standard will be followed by “Phoenix” for flute and orchestra, a contemporary piece of Anže Rozman’s. Primarily a composer for film and media, you may have already heard Rozman’s music on The Simpsons, or any of several Netflix, PBS, BBC, and CBS shows that he has composed for. As with the first Masterworks concert, this performance ends with the full force of the symphony, playing Brahms’ “Variations on St. Anthony Chorale.” With our wind instruments being heavily featured on the first half, including our own Jeiran Hasan as flute soloist for “Phoenix,” this program also demonstrates Vlad’s goal to feature “the orchestra as soloists.”