Masterworks 2

"Stars over paris"

February 23, 2019

Alexander Platt, guest conductor

Honegger:  Pacific 2-3-1

Duparc:      Aux Etoiles (Toward the Stars)

Mozart:      Violin Concerto No. 4 in D,   K. 218

  Melissa White, violin

Franck:       Symphony in D minor

"Stars over Paris"

From Arthur Honegger's frenzied ode to the majesty of the steam locomotive, to the lofty heights of the Franck D-Minor Symphony, to Henri Duparc's little journey "Toward the Stars" -- join us as we celebrate through music the eternal beacon of The City of Light. Once a Paris prodigy himself, Mozart would grow up to be both one of the finest pianists and violinists of his day; here, the fourth of his lyrical Violin Concertos, with its dashing French finale, will be brought to life by a prodigy of our own time, Harlem String Quartet violinist Melissa White. Music Director finalist Alexander Platt, a veteran Midwestern maestro known for his love of the French repertoire, conducts. 

"As our two nations have been drawn closer together in recent years, I am thrilled to offer you three gems of the Gallic repertoire, from French, Swiss, and Belgian composers, along with one of the great concertos by Mozart -- who of course, was the toast of Paris as a lad. As a devoted Midwesterner now for a quarter-century, I am elated to be a finalist for the podium of the KGS, and I look forward to meeting you all and to bringing you a gorgeous evening of French music that's sure to warm a winter night. We'll certainly get things chugging along with 'Pacific 2-3-1', when we'll get to celebrate another Galesburg great tradition!"